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Medical Grade Makeup

At 100% Beauty by MD we offer Jane Iredale products, a full skin care make up line that offers very high-quality products. From skin primers and base, amazing mascaras, lip plumpers to brushes, bioidentical skin supplements, and hand cream. You don’t need to have a skin illness to use Jane Iredale products, everybody can and should be using these products. Your skin deserves high quality every day. When you use this makeup you will look amazing while nourishing your skin.

Medical grade makeup or Clinical makeup gives patients with specific skin problems the possibility to safely use makeup. Some people are allergic to makeup or develop eczema or undesirable skin reactions when they use it. That problem is over! Schedule your appointment for makeup testing as soon as possible and enjoy these products while you nourish your skin.

Dr. De La Rosa discovered this makeup line because she has skin problems herself and all other cosmetic brands triggered her rosacea and/or eczema. She tried affordable “natural” products from grocery stores to expensive boutique makeup “for sensitive skin”, it was just painful! She even had to use steroid creams as a base to tolerate it a bit better. If you have any of these problems, I am sure you know what she is talking about!

Jane Iredale allows patients to have fun with color without breaking out. We love it! Dr. De La Rosa also states that the price is more than reasonable and last’s much longer than most other brands.

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